Cap D’Adge, Here We Come

In exactly four days I will be off the grid, and enjoying my very first experience naturiste at the nudist village in Cap D’adge, France. Master J and I will be meeting up with friends, and partying on the beach in our birthday suits.

What I know of the Cap D’Adge naturiste village is it started in the fifties, when two brothers, after a long day’s work on their parents’ vineyard, would take a dip naked. Because of them, more and more people began to shed their threads before enjoying the sea. At some point, when businesses were taking a loss, the township recognized what was happening on the beach and decided to open a nudist village, in hopes to regain stability. It worked then, and has been ever since!

Now that we’re finished the history lesson…

Master J rented a small boat for us. I thought this was a unique idea in contrast to booking a hotel room. Not only will we always be on the water and under the stars, but it’s private, cozy, and there’s enough space for another person, should we wish to extend an invitation (insert wink emoji).

I really don’t know what to expect, to be honest. I’ve heard the resort itself is not for sex, in fact, families vacation there together; but, I’ve also been warned that we may see some live beach porn. Which one is true? Let’s just hope it ain’t both!

Regardless, we’ve done our research.

Well…To be fair, Master J did our research and, thanks to this organizational mastermind, found some fucken fantastic bars (that, no, families will not be attending!).

Shall I share?


Eros Café is a bar that only allows entry to couples and single ladies (cue the music please…). This is what I would consider an off-premise swingers bar, meaning you can meet potential partner(s) here, but no sex can be had. If two parties are interested, you move off-premise (like, to our little boat, for example), to heat things up. (Image taken from their site).

When Master J found this gem, I was immediately intrigued, as most “couples/single women only” clubs that we’ve been to are on-premise. This can sometimes add pressure. It can also just be straight up annoying.

If you remember from my sex club posts, when you have someone (aka a creep) who’s motivated to have sex with you (or determined to touch your body), it’s much harder to lose them at an on-premise club (where they can literally follow you and watch you have sex, or put their hand up in a very indiscreet way to catch a feel of your right breast!), than it is an off-premise club. Just to clear the air, however, in the defense of on-premise clubs (as I truly am a fan of them), you can always, ALWAYS report someone and have them removed if they become inappropriate or make you uncomfortable. I didn’t, I just got even (remember the eye poking?).

All I’m saying is, with on-premise clubs, in my experience, there’s a greater chance (even if it’s a small chance) to experience discomfort, simply due to its nature (nudity, sex, you get it).

On the other hand, in off-premise bars, their isn’t an overhanging expectation that “you’re here, so you’re looking for something, and maybe I’m that something.” An off-premise bar provides the exact same perks as a regular bar. You like someone, talk to them; if you click, great; if not, move along. Piece of cake.


 The second bar I’m probably way too excited about is called Le Glamour (image taken from their site).

Hands down, the biggest club I may ever visit. It’s 3000m squared, and 500m of that is dedicated to sex. Again, due to my recent disappointment with the sex salons of Les Chandelles, my hopes are running high; maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a chance at fucking in this one…cross your fingers for us, okay?

Because we’re only staying in the village for two nights, I’m not going to get ahead of myself. If we make it to these two bars, I’ll be one happy camper! If we don’t, well, hopefully that means we made it to our boat…with a new friend (where is this wink emoji when I need it?)!

Regardless, you will hear all about it in due time.

Until then,

Fuck-well friends, life’s a party!

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