Cap D’Adge Nudist Village – First Timers, Part I

Walking along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea hand-in-hand with Master J, eyes swiftly dancing over the diverse bodies blanketing the sand, I felt suddenly at home, at peace.

My expectations are vague in comparison to the magic of this community. If I had to sum up the entirety of my experience in four words, they would be: we will be back. But there’s just so much to be said! I will try to paint an accurate picture for you in this two part post.

Family Land

Cap D’Adge Nudist Village is in fact a family vacationing spot. Now, for you North American folk who were raised, not unlike myself, in a society that has a hard time separating nudity and sexuality, I want you to try to put all of your preconceived notions aside, and imagine this:

The age of vacationers ranged from infants to seniors, some vacationing with lovers, friends, children, siblings…you name the relationship and it was present on that beach; “body” was simply that, body. Nothing less. Nothing more. Just a vehicle that you drove, and experienced life in without overthinking the way it looked, moved, or was being perceived. Shame? Non-existent.

Although the resort has its distinct areas and times to explore ones sexuality, unless you specifically seek these things out, they don’t intersect with the nudity. In other words, nudity and sexuality remain independent from one another unless you decide, as an adult, to cross over into that realm – literally there is a separate beach for people to engage with one another on an intimate level, should they so desire. Of course, this is where family land ends and play time begins.

From Micro to Magnum

Upon arrival, Master J and I asked our host about the village etiquette. We inquired about the appropriate times and places to be nude and whether we had to wear clothes in shops and restaurants. His response to all of it was, “comme vous voulez!”

As a precaution, Master J and I wore our swimsuits to the beach. Just on our walk there we realized very quickly how overdressed we were. I never thought I’d say this, but I was more uncomfortable IN clothes than out of them. We realized that people were more likely to gawk at us when our “goods” were covered, than if they weren’t.

Master J embraced his brave before I did, and when his shorts came off, so did the peering eyes. I started with my top. It may come as a surprise, but this was my first time ever being topless in in public, let alone a beach (with the exception of sex clubs, of course)! Baby steps were much needed. Finally when I was comfortable enough to strip all the way down, I discovered a freedom I hadn’t prepared myself for.

I understood why parents brought their children to such a place. It took me about an hour to get used to the nudity, and then about another to come back down into my senses without the constant distractions of, well, appendages. Very rapidly my mind accepted what was happening around me, which in turn forced me to accept myself. Remember, shame was non-existent. Of course it had followed me into the resort, but like my clothing, was inevitably shed. For someone with a history of an eating disorder and constant struggles with body-image, this place did the exact opposite of what I’d imagined it would do. Instead of being insecurity ridden, I appreciated myself.

I saw every type of body there is to see. White. Black. And everything in between. Disabled. Abled. Smooth. Scarred. Breast cancer survivors. Pierced. Tattooed. Shaven. Hairy. Tall. Short. Fat. Thin. Muscular. Big breasts. Small breasts. Micro penis to magnum. Dimples. Stretch marks. Tight. Loose. Bikini lines. Foreskin. Young. Old.

They were all beautiful! And I’m not saying this to be ironic or compare and contrast me with others… I truly witnessed human beauty in a way no other place could offer. I am a traveler, and my favourite moments are when I experience nature in its purest form: the untouched mountains, unaltered forests, the power of rivers, the ebb and flow of the sea, the fierceness of thunder and lightening, the serenity of the stars, the calm of the dessert..

And for the first time in my life, I was seeing it through living, breathing medium; beasts that have otherwise been convinced to hide that same raw beauty under garments that remove their hues and contours – the flaws that have been deemed “imperfect,” but in fact make each and every one of us unique.

There is so much to be said about this place, and I promise I will speak more to the sexy themes; however, I will stop here because I can’t crush the profoundness of what I just shared with the details that are to come.

Until next time,

Fuck-well, friends!

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