Cap D’Adge Nudist Village – First Timers, Part II

The Sluts Come Out at Night

Cap D’adge Nudist Village, as mentioned in Part I, is a vacationing spot for families, friends, and couples. What I didn’t mention is that once the children are in bed, play time begins.

Once the sun sets, it’s like taking a dark and twisty turn into your most scandalous dreams. Nudity is no longer the status-quo in the village. That sun-kissed softness is replaced, and hidden beneath leather, spikes, and lace (oh my!), fishnets, lingerie and a variety of restraints (leashes and collars, handcuffs, you name it!).

In other words, the sluts and the freaks quite literally come out at night in Cap D’adge Nudist Village. Master J and I being no exception…

After a long day under the sun, Master J and I put on our finest outfits and dined at La Terrasse, a small restaurant next to our dock. This was the most “normal” part of our evening. From there we met a group of friends at L’Eros Café, a night club that was celebrating its anniversary (can’t remember, was it their 20th, 25th? Oops!).

Because of the group we met up with, Master J and I entered on the VIP side of the club. Even if we were some of the first people inside, the sexual energy was on high. Women in lingerie and thongs danced on the bars, men and women slid up and down the conveniently placed poles in the center of the dance floor…

The dress code for clubs in the evening is very simple:

Men: trousers, proper shoes and shirt; however, we definitely saw men in heels, leather shorts, and no shirt. Basically if you don’t dress the “part,” then dress up.

Women: No pants allowed.

We learned the etiquette of the evening upon arrival, as our friend gave us the run down:

Start at a night club, (such as L’Eros Café); at 2AM when the club closes, you move to your preferred sex club; after the sex club closes between 5-7AM (depending on which one you choose), you find an after-after-party bar, which goes until 9AM. Around this time the beach clubs open, which means you can rent a lounge chair to sleep on for the entire day. Then, start again.

The diversity of the people was marvellous! You had gay men on stilts, submissive men in harnesses and on leashes, men dressed as women, women dressed as men, dominant women in tight leather unitards, couples in matching outfits, men in dress shirts, women in classical lingerie; every body type you can think of, every colour, every gender, every orientation…

The Rules & Respect

Alternative sexual lifestyles, especially involving kink or swinging (polyamory) of any kind, tend to get a bad rap. If you haven’t gathered from my blog already, I am not okay with these stereotypes or ideas. Cap D’Adge Nudist Village is yet another experience to prove that this Lifestyle is, in fact, secured by rules and boundaries.

At L’Eros Café, our friend (a man who knows my sexuality quite well), explained to us that the men never do the talking. In other words, men will never initiate the conversation should they be interested in me. Of course, I loved hearing this, as I am not seeking a man. However, on the same token, women will never approach a man. If a couple is interested in another couple, the female always approaches the female. Why? If the woman approaches you, you know she’s made the decision, which generally means the man has consented to the exchange. If the man approaches, it’s an extra step to confirm if the woman is interested in the exchange. In addition to that, by the female approaching the female, there is a mutual feeling of respect; whereby, in contrast, if the female were to approach the male, or the male were to approach the female, there would be a level of exclusion of the other partners. And, let’s be honest here, women have a much nicer, less aggressive way of approaching one another. From my experience, there is a sense of friendliness that accompanies the woman, rather than the immediate sexual blatancy of the man. It is easier to judge the couple when the woman is at the forefront – showing her energy, and interest – in comparison to a male with an obvious goal.

In other words, the women rule the grounds here, and the men respect this. Why wouldn’t they? When women do the dirty work (no pun intended), it means happy endings for everyone!

And this is just how it works at “regular” clubs, if I can call them that. Usually encounters begin here, meaning this is where first contact is established for later exchange at sex clubs. The sex clubs themselves hold the same rules. If all else fails, people will always ask, and get consent, before to touch.

We Will Be Back

It’s already been decided. Master J and I have every intention of vacationing here again one day, only next time not in a boat. Although it was a cute experience, it wasn’t the most comfortable, considering it was blistering hot in the mornings, and the sun lit up the entire sleeping quarters (our boat was quite small). In addition, I’m a Quean, remember? I like my own shower – not a communal one – as well as toilets with seats. And then there’s that other thing, you know, about bringing another person back with us. This would not have been possible for us this time around. Even though we managed to have our own steamy nights, if a third person joined, someone definitely would have gotten hurt in that tiny space.

But in the end, it was a blast and I found a community I truly identify with. Whether you’re someone who just wants a wonderful nudist experience, or the the nudist experience plus some crazy-ass sexy time…Cap D’adge Naturiste Village is the place for you!

Until next time,

Fuck-well, friends!

And tell me, how likely would you be to visit a nudist village?

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