Road Trip [Sex] Bucket List

I’ve spent the last two days packing for my return to Canada. It’s been an emotional time, as I’ll be leaving a country that became my home for the last year and a half. As well, I’ll be saying goodbye to the hubby for three weeks…which, if you know anything about me, is not an easy task. What helps me get through our time apart – beyond the sexting, sexy skype calls, and deep connection we possess even from across seas – is knowing what we have to look forward to! All the adventures, all the laughter, the planned and the unknown.

Call of the Quean was born out of this idea to spread sexual liberation through the telling of my own personal journey. To be as raw and honest about myself, my sexuality and my relationship. The last few weeks, with all the prepping for Canada and the road trip (Project: Sex in America), Master J and I have had little time to partake in deeper sexploration. C’est la vie. Right now we are in the middle of a short transition phase, and we understand that this includes little time for play. We are alright with this, for we know this change will open up a new sexual season for us. I truly believe what’s to come will be life changing.

So, as a big welcome to the nearing future, and my way of easing the weight of distance, here is my sex bucket list for our road trip. Enjoy!

Ps. Thank you to everyone who suggested bucket list items via my Instagram highlight! If you have something you think I should try (with or without Master J), follow me on insta @callofthequean, and respond to the highlight “SWF Sx Bcktlist!” All fulfilled items will be documented on Call of the Quean!

CONTENT NOTE: Discussion of D/s dynamic, including specific scenes, such as abduction play, reverse gang bangs, consensual non-consent and other specific kinks.

FACE SITTING (+ orgasm)

Ya, ya, I know, it doesn’t sound too cray cray, but the truth is, I’ve only done this a few times in my life, as a result of earlier insecurity, and the belief I can’t come in this position. Well, as my ability to orgasm has slowly expanded (ain’t just missionary anymore!), I’m dying to make this a part of my regular oral regime. Master J has been dying for it, so I think it’s time to give it a go. Plus, it’s an easy to-do position for, you know, van life.


My favourite position is doggy-style. I find it the hottest and most visceral; however, there’s one problem: I can’t come in it. Even with clitoral stimulation, when on all-fours, my orgasm tends to elude me. This isn’t to say the sex isn’t amazing (it’s my favourite position for a reason, people), but having that extra layer of pleasure would put me through the roof. So, I’m going to begin concentrating on what my body needs in order to find its climax while boning (pun totally intended) in this position.


I hope you don’t think I’ve mislead you, because I have definitely participated in a variety of BDSM scenes. The problem is, I tend to have trouble staying in character. When I’m supposed to say, “no,” I end up saying, “yes;” when something feels really good, I’ve been known to tell Master J his “cock is magical.” Yes. That happened. Not very D/s-y. I sometimes forget to call him “Master,” which isn’t too bad, because it just makes punishing me more pleasurable. The truth behind the matter is, as much as I have a few personas, I’d really like to tap into specific character roles, and play out an entire scene from beginning to end. You know, such as:

– Teacher/student
– Abduction play
– Master/slave (we do this often, but my goal is to set up the environment so it feels like a true dungeon. Studio apartments with giant images of Marilyn Monroe on the wall don’t quite cut it for me.)
– Human sex doll scenario
– Other forms of consensual non-consent


Being a submissive from a distance can be a tricky thing; however, I would love for Master J to compile a list of sexy ultimatums that I have to follow through with and provide photo proof of. Of course, I’d have a certain period of time to complete each task, and if I don’t fulfill his wishes, there is a specific punishment for each failed item. Are there ways to redeem myself? That will be up to him.


I’ve always considered my dynamic with Master J a kind of kinky form of Tantra, as it incorporates some deep sensation play, and sub-space (which is similar to a meditative state); however, I’ve found a few videos online that are more sensual (and less pussy pounding) that I’d like to experiment with. The only thing I need to work on is not laughing through the entire process…


O.M.G. I can’t express how exciting this idea is to me.

I imagine me and about four other women dressed in different types of kink wear, waiting in a classy, low-lit room, for Master J. When he enters, he’d be in a black-on-black suit, and a mask. The music playing would be sexy, ominous, dangerous, similar to the look in our Master’s eyes. The scene would start at the sound of his summoning: “Hello Slaves,” and we’d all eagerly await his next orders.


Throughout our road trip, our aim is to visit at least one sex club or sex party per week! I. Am. Thrilled.


Since I got my first taste of Cap D’adge Naturiste Village in Southern France, I have been dying to go back! It’s definitely a lifestyle I could fully immerse myself into. I’m eager to find the best of these communities throughout my home countries.


I mean, I guess the reverse gang bang is pretty up there in the cuckquean category, but I also would love to just be tied up and “forced” to watch Master J with another woman. I’ve had a few cuckquean experiences, but nothing that has deeply tied humiliation into the play. I think this would be my gateway scene. Once this happens, I feel like I’ll be craving so much more.


Ya, I just want to fuck somewhere outside; somewhere stunning! A forest in the middle of the day, the desert as the sun sets, in a canyon when the stars are out (…should probably watch out for snakes and shit)… A moment that lets me connect with my two energy drivers: nature and sex (you know, because sex is a part of nature).


Eeeek…ya, I admit it. I’ve never owned a dildo. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve owned one, but it ended up in the trash before it ended up inside of me. I have a bit of a fear of putting foreign objects inside of me (that aren’t of the human body). I am working on this, and would love for Master J to one day be able to penetrate me with a dildo (while simultaneously going down on me, perhaps?).

I can only predict that many more items will be added to this list as our road trip begins, and I hear from more of you. Please, any thoughts or comments about any of these, plus suggestions you may have (be it a place, a party, an activity, a position, toy or retailer), I’m all ears, friends!

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Until then,

Fuck well, friends!

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