Trapeze, ATL

Regardless of my sexy-writing hiatus, nothing can keep me away from the lifestyle. It shouldn’t surprise you that one of the first adventures we took since moving to the land of peaches is the highest rated sex club in the city.

The name itself leaves you dreaming of seductive circus talent hanging from ceilings, calling you into their web…

Even if the theme doesn’t quite live up to that image, the Trapeze definitely harbors some beautiful freaks.


Our first visit was Halloween. I can FEEL my friends rolling their eyes. So typical: costumes, masks, sex.




Compared to other sex clubs we’ve been to, Trapeze is on the more luxurious end. It’s equipped with a buffet and club near the entrance, three BYOB bars, a whole secret VIP section and, of course, the play rooms.


Now, you have to understand, I love food. Like, if it weren’t for this innate urge to write all day long, food would have been my go-to career. Paid to eat = bliss, bliss, bliss. So, buffets and I have always had a love-hate relationship. Truth is, buffets in the US tend to make me cringe. It’s hard enough to trust the quality of the products at an American grocery store, let alone what’s being served at a $6.99 rate. So when J told me we’d be eating at a buffet…in a sex club…the dormant hypochondriac in me was like, “hell-to-the-fucknah!”

Then I saw it. Tried it. Realized that it may be the only buffet in this country I could grow to love. Meat-lovers’ delights, mouth-watering vegetarian, luscious deserts and light, sensual fruit…

But that isn’t what you’re here for, is it?


The US has very specific rules surrounding nudity in clubs. First, you cannot buy booze where people be naked. You have to bring your own, which the lovely bartenders take and pour for you. I have yet to see such an impeccable system as the Trapeze. These bartenders know exactly where your bottle is at all times.

Unlike the sex clubs I’ve been to in Europe and Canada, you are required to be a member to enter. What that means is, on top of the door-fee ($80, with certain discounts on themed evenings), you pay a flat rate which covers two months of access to the club. For couples, membership is $50; for single men, it’s $150; for single women, it’s $50 with a bonus month (3-month membership). This, of course, is completely separate from the VIP pricing which is, and don’t quote me, around $200 more at the door.


On our first evening, J and I took a tour of the entire club. Compared to the regular lounge, the VIP section has its own bartender, kitchen (served, not buffet), and elite ambiance.

If part of the thrill is feeling like you roll in dough, then this area may be for you. J and I find the rest of the club luxurious enough to enjoy. The great thing about the VIP lounge is that it’s so hidden, you don’t feel a class difference. Also, keeping in mind we only explored once, the VIP lounge attracts a more mature crowd, if you know what I mean.

All of this isn’t to say Master J and I will never return. I am a Taurus after all. I love luxury as much as I do adventure. We’ve noticed we’re popular among the older crowd. Who knows, maybe one of these days a nice, sophisticated couple will enjoy an evening sipping wine, and inviting us behind that red, satin curtain.


Down a low-lit hallway, you’ll find a manned locker room to your right. Darkness draws you through a doorway and into the back of the Trapeze. As you give in to your curiosity, tv screens of humans making love will entice you further. A bar sits to your left, overseeing faux-leather booths lining the opposite wall. You won’t stop there. Naked bodies walk slowly towards and passed you. A pool table adds a light-hearted touch to the dusky ambiance.

People play.

They play with each other’s humour, feelings, hearts and other organs. Men in towels; women draped in lace, silk, or nothing at all. Into the depths of this place we go to find a room that puritanicals would describe as hell…

All that survives there is pleasure.

It still amazes me, after the few years I’ve been in and out of these paradises, just how in flow people can be when they’ve reached down to their depths and pulled out their animal. We mistake our animal for the anger we feel, or the negative emotions we come up against. The truth is, that isn’t our animal…that’s our human. Our human is the corrupt part of us, the filtered versions we are forced to let show up in the world due to societal pressures and conditioning. Our animal, however, is the purest form of what we are. And in rooms like this, in clubs like the Trapeze, the jungle comes to life, and my friend, it’s fucken beautiful.


Go. Just once. It’s a pressure-free environment. Some people just go to party in a safe, open place. I promise if you go once, you’ll be back again. And again. And again.

Maybe we’ll see you there.

(P.s. They also have a location in Fort Lauderdale, FL!)

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

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